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You can’t lose what you never had..

I often heard that sentence… it is true that we can’t lose what we never had..how can we lose it if we never had it at all…. but its also common that sometime we forget or just not realize about that… perhaps its because this “thing” is too close or stay with or around us for so long made us felt that belong to us..until it’s gone… awake us that…. its not belong to us…. hhmmm….

This is what I just realize… lucky me that “this thing” is going nowhere… but there is something just awake me that it is not belong to me… thank god I realize it fast..I mean I realize it before it is really gone…. so I really have to get prepare..if..someday…its gone for real…. to be honest…realizing kind of this “thing” made me sad…uuughhh…. feel like I just awake from my beautiful dream… I was dreaming this “thing” belong to me, or at least will always be around me….until something “hit” me..push me to open my eyes..to see the reality that I’ve been dreaming too long and deep… however..it is make me powerless now… and the only thing that I can do is ask for God mercy.. whatever it will be.. please give me the clue before everything is too late…. just don’t want to lose everything that is not belong to me… and don’t want to feel “that pain” again…please God..keep me awake then…I know…its too good to be true now…   >_<


2 June 2010 - Posted by | About Me, Just thought

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