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Just the way I am…

My Fidgety….

My Dear God….

I should thank you more for all the things that I’ve received…. I do God… I keep on that….my biggest thank will be… for giving me a wonderful life… filled with laugh, pain, tears, happiness…that is amazing combination and you want me to learn from it..

Always try to remember that everything happen for a reason….and You always give me the best thing as my need…sometime it is easy to understood and others still confused… but its Ok God… indeed I still can learn from that…

Dear God… you are the only One who knew what will be happen to me in the future….. please.. give me the clue of my confusion…so I will not lost in this road… I’m just a weak person and without your help will be nothing….. You are the only one that I can count on…. please don’t stay away My Lord.. coz i need you more than anything in this world… need you to keep close and to be hold so will not fall too far… and even if I fall .. You’ll help me to stand again…

Love you Always my Lord….



30 June 2010 - Posted by | Just thought

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