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My Nunun..

Hi there…. let me introduce you my beautiful pet, her name is Nunun, she is persian, she was gave me when she is 3 years old… now its been 5 years she stay with me… so it means that she is 8 years old now..pretty old for a cat..but she still beautiful anyway..right ?

She was dark black..but since she got too much sun shine ..her body hair become half brown…

I love her… too bad that she can’t stay with me.. she stay with my Mom at home… better place for her… on 12th Sept 2010 I was sent her to get married with male cat of her kind…his name is Mogi. he is so handsome isn’t he ? 🙂

I hope she could give me beautiful kitty…

She like to sit, read and finally sleep on the paper things… 🙂

She like to play with her blanket…

Well… there she is… can’t wait to see you again..Love you nun…


19 September 2010 - Posted by | About Me, Home


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