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Diving Equipment

All divers, from the beginner until the Advance knew that it is really important to have safe diving, and for make that happen, it is not only influenced by the condition among the sea, weather, knowledge of local guide diver but  we also need supporting equipments.

When I took diving course I only knew basic diving equipment as the picture showed below:

Since my diving purpose is only want to know more and explore underwater world for fun, I don’t know much about other equipments, then, when one of the project at my office need the engineer to do some activity underwater and my boss asked me to find underwater communication tools,  feel like being reminded, that there are lot of equipment that I don’t know yet, such as Underwater Communication tools ;

This tool is important to use if we want to dive at different sea environment and keep  connecting between diver to surface, or even diver to diver, it is common use for  professional and commercial purposes, such as working in support of the exploration and production sector of the oil and gas industry or even for the military duty.

To provide diver performance, there is sea scooter ; so the diver won’t spend too much energy, this tools powered by battery, it will bring diver explore underwater world without feeling exhausted.

Next equipment is Safety Sausage

Diver safety sausage is an accessory that every open water diver should carry, surfacing some distance for the dive boat can be dangerous situation, having this sausage allows you to easily identified.

In certain dept, visibility underwater could be so bad, sometimes diver can not see anything because its too dark, more over if diver want to do night dive, surely there is nothing they can see unless the darkness it self, that is why for those kind activity they will need underwater light;

All those equipment only small part of whole equipment that diver should have, specially for the professional and for those who really want to dive in particular dept and condition, there are still a lot of another equipment that you should search by your self and if you mind..share with me about it.. 🙂

Honestly, my equipment it self is not complete yet… because I’m still rare doing this activity, but even so, those equipment mentioned above will be needed  whenever you want to have more safe dive..

Ok guys.. happy safe diving…  🙂


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