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Deadly Sins of Leadership

What a cute cat isn’t it ? seemly that he would like to be leader in the kind of war that he made by him self…  😉

What I try to talk below is not about those leader cat… of course… 🙂 , here with I would like to discuss about the other side of Leadership.

It was mentioned on the article that written by George Aveling that Leadership is the art of the helping people achieve more than they thought was possible, it’s about achieving extraordinary result out of ordinary people, it’s about understanding that key word of leaders is focus on “feelings”.

Those statement above supported by Daniel Goleman, in his book mentioned that Great leaders move us deeply, they inspire us by touching our feelings.

Leadership is become interesting topic since there are many people thought they are good leaders but they don’t know how to make people they lead keep staying with them, they might be an expert in their field and personally good in what they do, but to lead others effectively is not an easy thing.

It’s not only about knowledge and skill, it is more about how deep you can “touch” people, make them realize that they have same purpose with you, it’s is more than about the way you can make those people feels what you want, and make your wish as same as they want to, so you don’t have to give a push to those people to do anything.

As a leader, you might be realize that without followers, you will be limited to doing only what you are capable of doing alone, without committed follower growth is not possible.

To be a good leader, we have to learn , not only from the paragon, but also from other mistakes and when you think you are ready to be great leader here by some deadly sins that you should avoid ;

# Egotism :  “Its all about me” attitude, your ideas, your way, and what’s good for you.. the only one you care is only your self.. but when things go wrong or mistake is made you will blame someone else, this kind of arrogance and self serving interest will make people walk away, this bad attitude will kill interest and enthusiasm of the follower, make them feel “small and meaningless “.

# Insensitivity : it could be happen when you have a total difference feeling of others, and there are no clues about how or what you say, or even all of the decisions you make in the business, affect others or impact their work or lives, you expect people to “get over it”, and when there are complaint, you just say “if you don’t like it, leave !” , it showed how cruel you are as a leader talking like that to your follower, lack of empathy could kill the heart they used to put into their work / activity.

# No Credibility : No one believe you know what you are doing only by telling them the whole story, without showing them that you are capable in doing something, people will walk away, or the worse is people won’t care and give attention to your instruction at all.

# Mistrust : when you keep looking for hidden agendas or another motives of experienced people, it’s mean that you have to get ready for losing them, it is happen to my self too, I hate to do my work when my own boss doesn’t give me his trust, this is not good to fail in trusting people who work with you, it could kills their initiative and makes them into dispassionate robots which is only filled time doing exactly what they are told to.

# Indecision : Trust me, no body like to follow someone who keep putting off a decision because of uncertainty things  and insignificance matter, it causes confusion, frustration and barrier the progress.

# Negativity :  you keep underestimate for no matter what anybody say or done, it isn’t right, because no one will stay with someone who potentially kills their desire and motivation with your negativity.

# Purposelessness : you demonstrate lack of focus and confused activity with results, you try too hard to be everything but don’t do any of it very well, it’s showed that you have lack f vision and clarity about the purpose and goals, and when you keep doing it, everybody will leave you.

So, it is more clearly now that if you want to be true leader with loyal followers, you should really get over that deadly sins mentioned above, I’m not yet a leader for a huge number of follower, I’m a leader for my self now,  but I’ve learned, as the one who ever stay in the follower position, it will be grateful if I have leader who has no sins like that.

Anyone of you disagree with me about it ? its ok.. I open my topic here to be discussed, give me your opinion please…

Ok ? Good Luck then…. 😉


22 October 2010 - Posted by | Accordingly, Work Field

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