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Just the way I am…

Do you ?

I don’t know how to start… its just about something that suddenly came in to my mind….

It is about man, about you, about him and it’s could be about anyone else that I never know where is he and what he look like….

Most of men said, it’s hard to understand what exactly woman want… as a woman I realize,  sometimes it is hard to tell what I want… I know what I want.. but sometimes it is hard to explain… not because I can’t find the right words to say.. believe me.. it doesn’t matter to me.. 🙂 .. it is more about… what will happen next if I do tell him what I want.. will he do that for me.. ? or will he just ignore it, pretending never heard anything and just stay away…. 😦 ..

Is it man also use to feel the same way? but which one is it? hard to find the right words to say? or doesn’t ready for the answer or the effect as well ? or it is just me who can’t see “the sign” clearly… hhmmm….

Many people said that man is a simple creature… they never like to be or make something complicated… is it so …? common…  tell me…

I’ve faced so many kind of men… I thought I was understand them… but when something go wrong… then..buuzzzz… all of my understanding doesn’t seem right anymore… they become someone that I never know..they become someone that I never expect to be…  😦 .. become a stranger… slowly but sure they start to stay away..without any explanation at all… leave me he with big question mark in my head… “what, why..?”

Sometime things could go wrong… and sometimes it is need to get wrong… just to recognize something hidden in you..your personality… to find out what kind solution that you have ? are you mature enough to face and handle that “wrong thing”  without stay away.. ?

Till now, sometime I do still confused with men behavior… if there is someone who could give me the explanation … It will be great…. 😉

hhmmm… I don’t know…may be it’s better for me not to think too hard about them anymore… I refer to choose which one will be more comfort to be with, I’m still care… I’ll always care…Do you ?

it’s just .. I start tired just to revealed what is the meaning of your behavior…. whatever deeh….


23 October 2010 - Posted by | About Me, Just thought

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